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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How Tutors Sky actually works?

    Once after Signing up for the process of desired course, we will review the course on your behalf and then assign the course to any qualified expert of the relevant subject. You will be receiving welcome email from account manager of the Tutors Sky. You will receive your work with better results in the next 1-2 working days.

  • What if I have a test due tonight? Will I be receiving any help?

    Yes, it is true! We can deliver you promising help even before 24 hours. With proper schedule of the assignments, all your needs will be take care before the deadline. There will be some charges for any assignments, classes that are due for the same date.

    Process of determining at the final price

    Here at Tutors Sky, every course is priced based upon the different factors like:

    • Subject with level of difficulty
    • Total length of your course
    • Total amount of working involved like number of exams, classes, tests etc.
    • Discussion of the board postings
    • Work will be handled on the same day of your call
  • Can Tutors Sky help me out with discussion posts?

    With Tutors sky, you will be amaze to know that, all your work will be handed carefully right from the beginning.

  • Is there any deal for entire course?

    The Tutors sky largely depends on the type of work involved. There are different packages associated with the entire course curriculum that will be different from each other. One of the best ways to deal with the course is to offer you better package even at a single call.

  • What about my IP address?

    You will not face any issue in IP addressing from our side as Tutors sky has already completed thousands of courses online on the behalf of students. We have tutors who live & work in UK and US without any difficulty of Red flag.

  • Is there any need of Textbook?

    There will be no need of textbook to the experts of Tutors sky. With this you can a lot of time & money. There will be some exception to homework-based assignments that has to be taken directly from textbook.

If you have more questions? Please email us anytime and we will be happy to answer you anytime.