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Take My Online Nike SWOT & PESTLE Analysis Case Study

Nike that the sportswear as well as equipment supplier Company and comes under the category of one of the most reliable and top class brands of the market across the world is founded in 1964 with its headquarter is at Beaverton and Oregon. When it comes to athletic shoes or apparel then Nike is the leading supplier brand. Nike has a brand value of $20 Billion and above in the market. This brand with its logo & slogan is highly recognized across the world. When it comes to writing the case study on such an amazing brand with huge popularity, then you need both time & efforts from your side. But if you don’t have the time as well as resources to do such level of case study then it is a better idea to go after the experts for doing the same. With Tutors sky’s brilliance and experience you can get what you are looking for in terms of case study of Nike thus helping students to obtain answers to their query of ‘Please hire Someone to Do My Nike SWOT and PESTLE Analysis For Me’ in a good manner.

Doing SWOT and PESTLE Analysis for the Nike’s Case Study

Different aspects are associated with the case study of Nike Inc. right from reviewing its major aspects to its strategies, performance and other relevant parameters as against the external & internal factors. Also, a SWOT analysis for Nike majorly contains strengths, Opportunities, Weaknesses, & Threats.  For understanding the short-term or long-term strategies of Nike’s business a strategic analysis is crucial and can be covered in its strengths & weaknesses.

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    Talking About Nike’s Strengths and Weaknesses


    1. Product Innovation

    It is a crucial determinant of Nike’s sustainability and the Company has been pretty successful in doing so.

    1. Strong Global Brand

    One of the strongest & the best global brand for footwear, Nike has been prominent it terms of creating its presence in different corners of this world. It has been promoted by leading celebrities, sports professionals to create significant impact for the brand equity by creating better recognition & image building.

    1. Low Cost Manufacturing together with the strong Cash Flow

    Nike always follows effective marketing strategies to reduce overall cost of operations and manufacturing.

    1. Global Presence & major Influence

    Retail stores of this super amazing brand Nike is located worldwide with greater than 1200 outlets thus reaching consumers globally.

    1. Proficient Leadership

    Nike has many amazing success stories linked with Company leadership & executives to perfectly manage the Company in both bad and good times.


    1. Excessive Dependency on its Footwear Market

    Even after having diversified range of items like apparels, equipment & footwear, the market trend shows sustainability of the company on its overall sales for the footwear.

    1. Higher Pricings for its core products

    The products here are premium ranged, even if the Nike brand is following the strategy of its higher margins of profitability on the other hand it is also significantly loosing various customers due to higher pricings.

    1. Higher Advertising Spending

    The company depends highly on its advertisement strategies and spends high income for the same, although it is a successful marketing tactic but at the same time annual cost-rise creates & manifolds substantial impact for the profit margins.

    1. Nike Sweatshop Issue

    The Nike Company has been protective for its brand image but the same received severe blow at the time of discovering unfair labour practices in different factories of this brand, especially in case of Asian countries. This sweatshop problem tarnished the Nike’s brand image & hurt sale marginally. Also, the poor working conditions, child labour and low-wage rates were central complaints as against Nike.


    Do My Case Study for Nike’s Opportunities & threats

    With this section you will get better optimized help for your case study writings in terms of ‘Do My Nike SWOT Case Study help’ while exploring its different segments.

    Let’s focus on Opportunities in front Nike, and how the company can explore it:-

    1. Exploring the Emerging Markets

    Countries like India, China, Brazil & South Africa showing some high-economic growth and consumers of these countries with high-disposable income are showing interest in the western brands and Nike can turn this opportunity into a significant market to boost up the sales.

    1. Rise of the e-Commerce Trade

    For the coming years with smartphone letting you access each & everything at the comfort of your home, Nike products can be delivered anytime and anywhere. Today E-commerce sales are generating almost one third of the company’s growth.

    1. Product Expansion

    Nikes is among the few brands in the market that is spending quite millions of dollars for its research & development department thus gaining access to considerable opportunities for increasing its range of items.

    1. Initiating for the better environment

    Nike comes under the brands who take care of environment and can be regarded as the climate-friendly brand. As far as the climate change & global warming issues are concerned, it is becoming much more important to have a constructive role for protecting our environment.


    1. Intense Competition

    Nike functions in highly competitive industry and facing enough competition from brands like Adidas, Puma & other relevantly reputed brands.

    Challenges faced by Nike:-

    • Perilous Supply-Chain Management
    • The Recession
    • Fluctuating International Markets
    • Rising Counterfeit Cases
    • Do My Nike PESTLE Analysis

      The PESTLE analysis of Nike mainly refers to a process in which macro-environmental factors are to be considered that are prominent for the strategic management. If you want to perform your Nike’s PEST analysis then ‘Take My Online Nike PESTLE Analysis’ will work the best for you on your behalf.

      Here are some of the major factors that are associated with the Nike’s PESTLE analysis:-

      The factors are:

      • Political
      • Legal
      • Environmental
      • Economic
      • Social
      • Technological

      The central importance of these factors can be different for different industries or companies or industries, but at the same time these are something which can comprehensively describe significant role in terms of being a deciding factor for future actions of Nike.


      Let’s get ahead with the PESTLE Analysis of Nike Inc.

      Political Factors

      • Changes in the International Law
      • Favourable US-Government Policies
      • Political-Unrest in various Asian countries

      Economic Factors

      • Rise of Production Cost as well as Labour problems
      • Threat of Recession & Competition
      • Fluctuating Profit-Margin
      • Acquisitions & Subsidiaries

      Social Factors

      • Consumers Becoming more and more brand Conscious
      • Consumers taking interest towards health & Fashion Consciousness
      • Increment in the Female Consumers
      • Working Conditions at the Nike Factories

      Technological Factors

      • Marketing Techniques
      • Innovation

        Legal Factors

        • Legal Battles with the Adidas & various other companies
        • Child Labour & minimum Wage-Allegations
        • Paradise Papers
        • Counterfeit Products

        Environmental Factors

        • Global Warming & related Environmental Concern
        • Pollution Concern at China
        • Decrement in the Greenhouse Emission



        So, it can be concluded that after better assessment of various concerned factors in case of internal & external, it is imperative to say that Nike can continue its enjoyment with the consumers by being a dominant leader in this industry. However, Nike needs to work upon various weaknesses & threats to completely strengthening its position in the market. If you are focusing around the need for having custom level of case study for Nike then Tutors Sky experts can deliver you the same on your behalf without any worries.

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