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How To Improve Memory Power in Students?

How To Improve Memory Power in Students?

Memory power can be enhanced by following certain tips, and the students can score better through memory retention during examinations. Students often forget certain details or answers during the examinations either due to lack of memory retention power or even fatigue. To avoid such circumstances, students can thrive towards improving their memory so that they develop good visual and listening power. Meditation is one of the most highly recommended practices for memory improvement. It is a powerful exercise that should be made compulsory in educational institutes for the benefit of students. It not only would help in improving memory, but it also aids in improving concentration power too. It clears the mind from stress and panic, especially during an exam. There are few online courses containing exercises that can help in improving memory power. There are virtual guides for the same and even lessons that can help create awareness about a good memory.

Apart from meditation, solving puzzles and reading books can also help in improving memory power. When we read a particular chapter several times, we often remember it for a long. This is similar to a stroke practice in a racket sports game wherein you need to hit a shuttle about five hundred times to build muscle memory for that stroke. Similarly, revising the chapters by mere reading at regular intervals can help you remember the lessons well. Puzzles also help in sharpening the brain. Mathematics and science puzzles require solving through critical and analytical thinking. Focusing one’s attention on studies without distractions can illuminate the memory power as the concentration level enhances. You can also reach out to tutors for help if studying alone is distracting. When trying to read or study a subject that you may be least interested in, one can even seek help from online SMEs or tutors who can teach the topics instead. This can also help retain what is taught during the class. Visualizing concepts can help retain good memory. There are several educational videos on almost every topic available for free. We tend to remember things better when we see them. Hence, this idea can also be used to improve memory among students who struggle to remember what they have studied while preparing for a class test or examination.

Memory power improvement is also vital for students appearing in competitive exams. Most of the time, the syllabus is bulky and has a lot of topics to study. It is often difficult to remember everything when the exam date nears. Repetitive revision of the lessons learned can help retain the memory of the common topics that may have appeared in the past few years of similar entrance exams. Apart from this, it is important to sleep well. Students should ensure six to eight hours of sleep to help their minds rest. Lack of sleep can reduce memory power, which may reflect in their performance during exams. Eating healthy or a properly balanced diet is also important. There are certain brain foods for students which are often recommended by dieticians and nutritionists that can help in improvement in neural activity, which also includes memory. Common brain foods include berries, citrus fruits, dark chocolate, nuts, eggs, etc. However, it is also important to consume them regularly, considering a properly balanced diet must also be maintained and not entirely depend on brain foods. Students should also be encouraged to learn about brain foods and their benefits to be proactive about consumption.

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