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Ways to Improve Handwriting?

Ways to Improve Handwriting?

People often get confused with calligraphy and handwriting, interchangeably leading to both terms. However, calligraphy and handwriting are not synonyms. In calligraphy, there is a type or style of writing for the letters, while handwriting is the technique of writing in everyday life. Not every individual is gifted with comprehensive handwriting. Several renowned people in the world often claim to have bad handwriting. One reason good handwriting is essential related to legibility. If one is a student and the teacher had to check an assignment, project work, or exam paper, if the handwriting is not clear enough to understand the write-up, there could be deductions of the score for the student. Also, while taking notes during a class, if the handwriting is not good enough, it will be tough to understand the points noted on a paper or notebook when one has to refer to it in the future.

These handwriting issues can be solved with practice over time. The following are some of the ways to improve one’s handwriting:

Always Use a Good Pen:

It is always essential to choose the right pen that suits your hand. The comfort and smoothness need to be considered while purchasing a pen. It is unnecessary to be expensive, but it should help one write comfortably, ensuring that we do not have to put a lot of pressure on a piece of paper with a pen.


The grip on a pen while writing should always be in a relaxed mode. This prevents over-flexing of our hand muscles, which would eventually prevent pain in the wrist and fingers when there is bulk writing to be completed.


It is indeed said that practice makes a man perfect. This certainly holds for improving handwriting as well. There are writing drills available, and the simple method of writing one paragraph or one page every day can help one improve their writing. It is always advisable to start writing at a slow pace. Eventually, the speed could be modified and increased once an improvement in writing is visible.

Writing on Lined Paper:

One can begin writing on a template or lined paper that can help them write legibly in between the lines controlling the size of the letters. This is an excellent shortcut to a neat writing style. It is always good to keep padding for the paper you are writing. Always keep a paper underneath the one you are writing, which will give a smooth surface for writing.

Nevertheless, no matter how lousy handwriting may look, there is always a scope for improving it. Following the four steps above is vital to improving one’s writing. The best tip is to keep practicing until it gets better.

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