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5 Useful Tips to Cope with Exam Stress

5 Useful Tips to Cope with Exam Stress

Students often find themselves under stress during exam time. There’s a lot on their plate, from completing homework and assignments to attending online classes. It’s not surprising if a student feels anxious and pressured.

As a student, your prime focus is to get good grades. You make every possible effort to ensure that you stay ahead of others. Whether you do group study or sit with professors to clear your doubts, all this builds up momentum for sure.

The lockdown period has been great learning for everyone. Students found a new way to learn things and have successfully adjusted to the new normal of studying from home. They make use of the internet to clear their doubts and learn new things. Another benefit of online learning comes from learning assistance portals like Tutors Sky. It aims at sharing the load of students and offering them viable learning solutions.

If you’re stressed about your job placement exam, you can ask expert test-takers: If you can take my job placement exam for me. You will find a solution within minutes. With that said, you must become proactive in knowing how to de-stress yourself during exams.

Let us help you know some tips that you can follow to stay calm and joyful.


One of the best ways to alleviate stress is meditation. Yes. You may find it difficult as students are in another zone and depend on shopping and online games to relieve stress. However, one can benefit a lot from meditation and learning breathing exercises.

You can sit and meditate for 15 minutes a day. During this time, your sole focus should be on your breath. It can help you concentrate better and you can ace your exam like a pro.


Students often complain about not getting enough time to exercise during exam time. Well, if you’re disciplined, you will have time for everything you enjoy. We are not talking about hitting the gym for hours. You can go brisk walking or jogging. If you can work out at home, it’s even better.

Create a Schedule

In the previous point, we talked about discipline. If you feel overwhelmed during exams, you can set a study schedule and divide your time between assignments, classes, and exams. You can prioritize exam preparation this way.

With that said, you may find yourself confused if you’re ready for your online exam. Well, you know what to do. Approach a learning assistance portal and ask: Can someone take my online exam for me? You can say goodbye to stress and worries.

Enjoy Breaks

We understand preparing for online exams can be tough. You juggle homework, classes, and other things. Creating a schedule is one thing but making it flexible is another. Make sure you include breaks in your schedule and take time to enjoy. Make yourself a cup of tea, eat a burger, talk to a friend, or play a game online.

Do whatever refreshes you.

Be Consistent

If you want to earn good grades, you need to be consistent throughout your course. If you study hard for one exam and be casual about the other, you may get an average grade. The point is to divide your time for each subject equally. Know your strengths and weaknesses.

If you feel productive in the morning, make use of that period to finish one subject. But if you feel energetic during another half of the day, you can set a time to study for your exams.

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